MoU Signing between IKI-SEA, TRIS Corporation and QuizzBizz

    mouCooperation on the development of learning initiatives, training concepts and tools to foster knowledge management and innovation and to support skill development, capacity building and leadership in Thailand.

    TRIS Corporation Limited, 24th Floor, Silom Complex Building, Bangkok, Thailand, represented by the President, Waitune Pokachaipat

    QUIZZBIZZ Limited, Unit 905, 9F Kowloon Ctr. 33, Ashley Road, Hong Kong, represented by the Co-Founder Maik Fuellmann

    The Institute for Knowledge and Innovation South-East Asia (IKI-SEA) at Bangkok University, Bangkok, Thailand, represented by the Co-Founder and Managing Director, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vincent Ribiere

    The parties aim to foster innovative mobile learning solutions, organizational learning initiatives and corporate training in the field of knowledge management and innovation. The collaboration among the parties shall be in the joint development of training and learning initiatives that include joint marketing, research, networking and projects.

    The parties have agreed to support each other and to initiate joint innovation, strategy and leadership workshops to elaborate, identify and specify “collaboration”. The details of those projects “e.g. cooperation in innovation management training (innovation certificates) or the development of mobile micro learning solutions, will be subject of “project descriptions and work plans” that will be developed by joint working groups.