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  1. Absorptive Capacity

    “Wine can absorb water. Oil cannot!” Have you ever questioned why sometimes during the knowledge transfer process, two persons who were listening to the same story or attending the same seminar at the same time, end up with a different level of understanding?  One factor that causes this scenario is related to their absorptive capacity. […]

  2. After Action Reviews

    After-action reviews, or AAR as they are known, are a way for individuals and teams to capture lessons learned and apply them to future work activities. AAR are structured reviews which look at what happened during a project or program, why it happened, and how it could be done better next time around, both by […]

  3. Assets (Knowledge Assets)

    We are moving into a knowledge economy and it is now well accepted that the intellectual (knowledge/intangible) assets of most organizations constitute their main competitive weapon. Intellectual assets are based on the know-how of a company, its people, its culture, its management style, its relationship with its stakeholders, its brand, its marketing strategy, its customer […]