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  1. Balanced Scorecard

    In the competitive global environment, many companies are forced to adopt new approaches  to their performance measurement systems to be able to compete. Luckily, there are many active management tools available for firms to choose from. Nevertheless, not all of the tools are well accepted and continuously implemented in the organization. The one which is […]

  2. Benchmarking

    Benchmarking is the process of comparing an organization’s level of performance against accepted industry-wide best practices and performance metrics. Typical benchmark measurements focus on business performance in such areas such as service or product quality, timeliness of operations, and operational costs. Based on what they find, organizations will use a benchmark to target improvements and […]

  3. Best Practices

    Best Practices are often used to describe a process, a work procedure, some type of experience, activities or methods which have been demonstrated to work repetitively well in the past in term of achieving their goal in a very effective, efficient and safe way.  Best practices are very specific to a domain, to a circumstance, […]