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  1. Collaborative Software

    Collaborative Software (or Groupware) is the term used to describe software applications that enable multiple users to collaborate on related tasks, on local or remote servers. This might sound confusing but in practice it just means that you can work on documents and tasks with several people at the same time, as long as you […]

  2. Community of Practice

    A Community of Practice (CoP) is the name used to describe a group of people who have a collective passion for something they do, and who decide to get together for the purpose of learning from each other to increase their understanding of, and expertise in, the subject. Every organization has communities of experts, or […]

  3. Creativity

    Trying to define creativity is as difficult as trying to define knowledge or love!  As with knowledge, creativity has been studied for centuries in various fields: Religion, Philosophy, Cognitive Psychology, Business, Education, Neurosciences, etc.). The current regeneration of interest in creativity is linked to its important role in knowledge and creative economies, as well as […]