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  1. Decision-making

    Decision-making is something we all do—an activity that is constantly happening inside the confines of each individual’s brain. Our decisions also tend to be of two different types: those which are reached after an evaluation of the available information and options, sometimes over a considerable length of time; and those which we think of as […]

  2. Domain Expert

    Domain Experts are often considered as individuals with extensive knowledge, expertise and experience in a specific field/area of activity.  They differentiate themselves by their ability to solve complex problems quickly and accurately and also by the high quality level of their decision making (exceeding ordinary individuals, who are also referred to as novices). They are […]

  3. Double-Loop Learning

    In the 1970s, Havard Professor Chris Argyris and philosopher Donald Schön invented the concept of double-loop learning, distinguishing it from single-loop learning. In brief, single-loop learning is the modification of action in case of difference between expectations and actual outcome. In contrast, double-loop learning does not change the practice but questions the underlying assumptions, values […]