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  1. Exit Interviews: The last chance to capture knowledge

    Employee turnover can affect the work efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability of a company: and therefore the cost of employee turnover is very high.  Companies invest a great deal to recruit, develop and retain employees, in order to be ensure that the company has a strong work force, and that the employee will stay with […]

  2. Experiential Learning

    One recurring question always seems to come up when organizations are considering promoting internally or recruiting externally to fill a vacant position: “which is most important, experience or qualifications?” This question has been asked countless times and debated over and over, and opinions vary. However, maybe asking what knowledge the individual has and how has […]

  3. Expertise Locator

    Expertise locator is a system, typically used within an organization, with tools and techniques that allow for identification of who has expertise on a certain topic.  It is often said that “we don’t know what we know”, and at an organizational level this can be extended to mean “we don’t know who knows what.” If […]