Decision Making

  1. Empowering Decision-Makers

    Presentation (pdf) An organization’s performance on any single day is a direct result of the decisions made and actions taken that day by every single employee.  In the current business environment—characterized by increasing Change, Uncertainty, Complexity and Anxiety (CUCA)—those decisions and actions must be based on effective knowledge. Knowledge, the capacity to take effective action, […]

  2. Designing the Innovation Process: Building, Managing, Communicating and Measuring

    Download the Flier Slides + Research publication (Crafting organizational innovation processes) By Dr. Kevin Desouza Two universal truths underpin most business operations: (1) unless businesses can demonstrate value to their  stakeholders on a constant basis they will lose customers and markets and get overrun by the competition, and  (2) to generate business value, an organization must constantly innovate, […]