Dr.Dongcheol (Terry) Heo

    Dr. Dongcheol (Terry) Heo is an assistant professor and knowledge and innovation management consultant at IKI-SEA.

    Dr. Heo received his Bachelor and Master degrees in Sociology from Seoul National University, South Korea, and pursued his Ph.D. from University of South Carolina, US until he changed his major into management.

    After entering into the area of management, he received his second master from Case Western Reserve University, US, and his Ph.D. from Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), South Korea. Prior to joining IKI-SEA, Dr. Heo had worked for Philips and other knowledge management consulting firms for several years. He also worked as a researcher for Knowledge Management Research Center in KAIST and participated in many research and consulting projects for Korean companies such as Samsung, GS, KAMCO and etc.

    His research interest is the change and design of organization and information systems to support learning, knowledge sharing and innovation. His research is both theoretical and practical. He draw on social and socio – psychological theories and engage in both positivist and interpretivist research. He conceptualizes organizations as socio-technical networks of actors and artifacts, and focuses on the dynamic interplay between them. Drawing on this theoretical lens, he studies how organizations engages in corporate innovation. Dr. Heo has either published or submitted his research papers to the journals such as Information Systems Journal, Knowledge Management Research, European Journal of Information Systems, and Organization Science.